From the 2015 January Risk Retention Reporter

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Airbnb Launches Purchasing Group to Cover Hosts

Airbnb RPG, a newly formed Delaware risk purchasing group, will provide liability insurance for the hosts on the Airbnb network, which allows individuals to rent out all or part of their homes as temporary lodging....

Connecticut’s First RRG, Allied Premier, to Serve Transportation Sector

The first risk retention group domiciled in Connecticut is a Burbank, California-based insurer of trucking companies founded by the owner of a premium finance business. Called Allied Premier Insurance, a Risk Retention Group, the RRG was launched last year after Connecticut updated its laws specifically to attract more captives and RRGs to the state....

RRGs Numbers Continue to Decline in 2014

The number of operating risk retention groups fell sharply for a second consecutive year, down to 238 from 250. The record pace of retirements set in 2013 slowed slightly, with nineteen RRGs retiring in 2014....

2015 CICA Conference to Explore Strategic Advantages of Captives

The 2015 Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) International Conference will be held from March 8-10 at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, Florida. This year’s conference will feature a range of educational sessions that will explore the strategic advantages available to captives....

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