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Jim Cutts, Publisher and Managing Editor of The Risk Retention Reporter, was interviewed by Joe Deems, Executive Director of the National Risk Retention Association (NRRA), on the state of the Risk Retention Group (RRG) industry.

From the 2016 April Risk Retention Reporter

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RRG Premium Up 6.6% in 2015, Surpasses $3 Billion

Risk retention group premium surpassed $3 billion for the first time in the 2015 annual NAIC filings. RRGs reported strong premium growth of 6.6% in 2015 taking collective premium up to $3,025.4M from $2,837.3M in 2014....

New RRG to Provide Coverage to Diving Professionals

A new risk retention group has formed in South Carolina to provide professional liability to diving instructors and commercial general liability to dive stores. The RRG, DAN Risk Retention Group, Inc., is a subsidiary of the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) which is the largest association of recreational scuba divers in the world....

North Carolina Captive Division off to Strong Start, Forms First RRG

North Carolina licensed its first RRG— Doctors Professional Liability RRG, Inc.—in February of this year. There are now 21 states that have domiciled RRGs, although a number of those have just one or two domiciled groups. ...

Vermont Leads in RRG Premium, D.C. Posts Large Gains

Vermont continues to lead the risk retention group industry both in the number of operating groups and RRG premium. Vermont is the domicile for 84 RRGs, more than twice the number of any other domicile, and its RRGs collectively account for 59.5% of all RRG premium. The strongest premium growth was in D.C. and Tennessee....

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