From the 2017 April Risk Retention Reporter

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RRG Premium Up 2.1% in 2016, Continuing Growth Trend

Risk retention group premium increased by 2.1% to $3,090.3M in the 2016 annual NAIC filings. This is the fifth consecutive year of premium growth for the RRG industry. Growth is down from the robust 6.7% growth reported in 2015 due to a narrower band of business sectors posting gains....

Ian Davis Appointed as Vermont Director of Financial Services

Ian Davis has been appointed as the new Director of Financial Services at the Vermont Department of Financial Services. Davis steps in for Dan Towle who has replaced Dennis Harwick as the President of the Captive Insurance Companies Association....

Excess Liability RRG Has Served Mid-Sized Cities Since the 1980s

States Self-Insurers RRG, Inc., a Vermont-domiciled risk retention group, has made its name providing excess liability coverage to cities, counties, school districts, and other public entities since the late 1980s—and it’s still serving the same mid-sized cities and towns it has since its inception....

Special Feature: Tennessee Domicile Update

For this month’s special feature the Risk Retention Reporter interviewed Michael Corbett, Director of Captive Insurance at the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance and Jennifer Stalvey, Assistant Director of Captive Insurance at the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance while at the 2017 CICA International Conference....

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