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April 2014 News Headlines
RRG Premium Flat in 2013
Risk retention group premium for 2013 is virtually unchanged for 2013 from what it was in 2012. According to RRG filings recently completed, premium for 2013 is $2,632.6M compared to $2628.8M in 2012. Factors impacting growth in 2013 include the retirement of 21 RRGs that reported a combined $93M in 2012. However, some industry sectors have done well in 2013, most notably Transportation. ... For full story, subscribe to the Risk Retention Reporter at www.rrr.com/order

RRG Industry Objects to California Registration Renewal Rules
Some members of the risk retention group industry are concerned about the possible ramifications of California’s new registration renewal form, which requires that RRGs answer questions about their reinsurance operations in other states. ... For full story, subscribe to the Risk Retention Reporter at www.rrr.com/order

Transportation Sector Reports Record Premium in 2013
The Transportation sector has reported record premium levels in 2013, up to $148.8M from $95.3M in 2012—an increase of 56.1%. The growth in the Transportation sector is particularly impressive when compared to the overall year-to-year growth in risk retention group premium, which was flat. ... For full story, subscribe to the Risk Retention Reporter at www.rrr.com/order

Wisconsin Med Mal RRG Bill Put off Until Next Year
The Committee on Health and Human Services of the Wisconsin State Senate voted to recommend passage of Senate Bill 609 that would allow risk retention groups to provide medical professional liability insurance in the state. However, the bill will not be voted by the full Senate during the 2013-2014 legislative session, as it was not brought to the floor before the end of the session. Nonetheless, supporters of the bill are undeterred and plan to continue dialogue with the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, legislators, and other risk retention groups, with the goal of reintroducing the bill next year, perhaps as part of the state budget. ... For full story, subscribe to the Risk Retention Reporter at www.rrr.com/order

RRGs that Reinsure Include Many Top Performing Groups
In 2012, the most recent data available, 18 RRGs provided reinsurance. Although this is a small portion of all RRGs—just 6.8% of all RRGs assumed reinsurance in 2012—the list includes many of the big names in the industry, accounting for $484.4M in gross premium or 18.5% of all RRG premium in 2012. Of these groups, all but five reported premium in California, with premium in the state for the groups totaling $60.1M. Some of these RRGs reinsure other RRGs, but at the present time there are no data on the breakdown of RRG and non-RRG reinsurance. ... For full story, subscribe to the Risk Retention Reporter at www.rrr.com/order

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Karen Cutts Award Presented at NRRA Conference

The National Risk Retention Association (NRRA), at their annual conference in Washington D.C. during the first week of October, presented their annual Karen Cutts Visionary Award to attorney Jon Harkavy.

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