From the 2015 March Risk Retention Reporter

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Delaware Shifts RRG Regulation From Captive Division

Two risk retention groups have changed domiciles after Delaware shifted the regulation of RRGs from the Captive Division to the unit that regulates traditional insurance companies in the state, the Bureau of Company Examination, Rehabilitation & Guaranty (BERG), in an effort to accommodate the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ five-year accreditation review....

NAIC Task Force Holds Conference Call on Governance Standards

The NAIC Risk Retention Group (E) Task Force held a conference call on March 12 addressing the updated governance standards present in the revised version of the NAIC Model Risk Retention Act (MDL 705). The call was held in response to letters from RRGs concerned over the current draft of MDL 705....

New Firm, Administered by Demotech, to Collect RRG, Captive Data

Alternative Risk Transfer Statistical Solutions, Inc. (ARTSSI) is a newly formed company that intends to provide detailed, granular statistical reporting services to captive insurance providers, alternative risk transfer entities, and risk retention groups....

RRG Reinsurance Cessions Vary Across Business Sectors

In 2013, risk retention groups ceded $1,295.1M to reinsurers, 49.2% of total risk retention group premium for the year. The rate of cessions to reinsurers varies widely across business sectors for risk retention groups, as does the percentage of ceded premium flowing through affiliated companies....

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