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The Risk Retention Reporter has been the authoritative news source for the risk retention industry since 1987.

Here's what our customers have to say:

The RRR is our lifeline to regulatory, legislative, judicial, legal, and market news affecting RRGs and PGs created under the Federal Risk Retention Act. As the largest captive manager of RRGs, Risk Services would be at a loss without the RRR. There is simply no other journalistic or information source on RRGs and PGs remotely equal to the RRR. It is truly the industry Bible!

Jon Harkavy, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Risk Services, LLC

I have been a subscriber to the RRR since its inception. In my opinion, it has consistently demonstrated the absolute validity of its claim that it represents "the authoritative journal for the risk retention marketplace." The RRR is always concisely and cogently written, providing just what is needed to keep industry practitioners abreast of all the important developments in the RRG arena. All things considered, I think it is very fair to say that the RRR has neither any peer, nor any real competitor.

Michael J. Bemi, CPCU, ARM, ARe, President & CEO, The National Catholic RRG, Inc.

Besso Re is a London-based reinsurance intermediary with over 60% of our business coming from RRGs. The RRR is invaluable to us as an informative and accurate publication. It helps us keep in touch with the RRG world. We particularly appreciate the analysis of market news and trends.

Ken Barrett , Managing Director, Besso Re

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  • Comprehensive coverage of industry news
  • The latest legislative, judicial and regulatory developments
  • Monitoring of more than 1000 RRGs and PGs
  • Articles by industry experts
  • In-depth articles on RRGs and PGs
  • Market surveys revealing industry trends by sector
  • In-depth articles on risk management for RRGs


  • Follow what your competitors are doing
  • Stay abreast of legislative and regulatory developments
  • Understand and exploit the competitive edge of RRGs and PGs
  • Track the industry sectors in which RRGs and PGs are growing
  • Look out for new market opportunities
  • Learn about best practices for RRG Boards