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Our Publications: Risk Retention Legal & Regulatory Compendium



Available in CD-ROM only

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  • Detailed information on 26 different disputes between RRGs/PGs and state regulators Organized by state
  • Dozens of supplemental articles written by industry professionals from 25 years of the RRR
  • Quick Links section with actions and articles by Keyword, by title, by RRG and by PG
  • Full traditional index
  • Complete text of the LRRA and currently proposed amendments
  • Information on NRRA advocacy
  • See sample pages (PDF)
  • Quick, accessible information on legal and regulatory issues between RRGs/PGs and states
  • Detailed reporting on all of the major legal cases affecting RRG and PG business
  • Supplemental articles provide context and legal opinions
  • Digital PDF that allows for easy searches
  • Updated annually with the most recent issues and filled in with past actions
  • Excellent reference for attorneys and other professionals involved in the risk retention industry

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